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Are you a web developer who enjoys building websites that look good no matter what web browser a person is using? With the UtiluMFC software you can try out your websites in multiple versions of Firefox without having to uninstall previous versions when using the newer ones.

The UtiluMFC is a web browser pack that includes several different versions of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. This tool lets you install all of the different versions without them affecting each other because each version of Firefox in this pack is a standalone web browser.

This can be extremely useful for website creators who would like to test out the appearance of their website in multiple web browsers. The UtiluMFC is also great for personal use in order to make certain toolbars or online games functional.

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection contains multiple versions of the free web browser Mozilla Firefox, which are standalone so they can be used at the same time. This is useful for web developers.

In Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection you can quickly see how your websites look when rendered using different versions of the Gecko render engine.

The version number of each included version of Mozilla Firefox can be found in the window title. Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection also includes the Firebug and Web Developer add-ons for all included versions of Mozilla Firefox. These add-ons provide a variety of tools which make troubleshooting websites much easier.

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